Securitas Operations Center

Alarm and Security Systems Monitoring.  No more worries.  You can rest assured knowing that experienced Monitoring Officers are watching over your home and business.

Securitas Operations Center (SOC)

Securitas maintains specialized officers, fully versed in English and Thai, to monitor our Security Systems and Remote Video Solutions installed on our customers’ premises.  Monitoring Officers are carefully selected and trained to be experts in quickly addressing a myriad of potential security problems, crisis, and emergency situations and solving them in accordance with our customers’ requests.

When you connect your home or business alarm system to our Alarm Monitoring Center, our experienced officers will monitor your premises round the clock, 24/7.   In the event of an alarm activation, our Monitoring Officers will ensure that the right response is directed to the premises and report back to our client what occurred.  Our officers will then follow up to ensure the alarm was properly responded to and determine what occurred. 

Our systems can monitor all types of

  • Fire Alarms (heat and smoke)
  • Intrusion Alarms
  • Technical Alarms (Electricity, Heating, Cooling)
  • Elevator Alarms


Securitas Thailand also provides active CCTV monitoring.  For more information please refer to our Remote Video Solutions (RVS).

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