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Remote Video Solutions

Remote video solutions combine innovative and cost-efficient state-of-the-art security services.

Antiquated Passive Viewing

If you use traditional CCTV and monitoring, it is likely you have one staff or guard concurrently monitoring numerous CCTV feeds. This is almost an impossible task, yet companies pay good money every day for this service just in case the monitoring officer gets “lucky.”

  • Take “luck” out of the equation.

Prevent crime before it occurs with real-time alerts.

Cameras are supplemented with motion detectors and loudspeakers to allow the (off-site) Monitoring Officer to

  • view when activity is occurring on critical cameras
  • engage and issue WARNINGS to the suspect(s)
  • alert security personnel (either on site or mobile responders)

Proven Effectiveness

  • Historically, intruders are so surprised by the Monitoring Officer Warning them through the Camera Trap that more than 90% immediately run away.  
  • RVS can also immediately notify our client’s representatives and summon local police, fire or medical services.

Active Constant Monitoring

Remote Video Solutions (RVS) is an innovative approach to traditional passive CCTV monitoring that creates an:

  • Active electronic barrier
  • Intrusion detection system
  • Video time-stamped record of events and responses (with high quality images and sound)

Remote Video Solutions

Technology enables Securitas to deliver more proactive and efficient security solutions.

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