Security Systems

By integrating technology we can offer our customers tailored solutions to improve security at a lower cost.

Advancing Security through New Technology

Securitas does not sell products, we offer Security Solutions designed to meet our customers’ specific security requirements.  Securitas Security Systems in many instances can supplement and be more advantageous than security officers in that they provide an evidentiary record to support a company’s operations as well as during incidents or emergencies.  Securitas Systems may be purchased outright or be included at a monthly cost as part of a Security Solution contract.  [As part of a security solution, our customers do not bear any upfront investment.]

Securitas employs trained engineers to install tailored Security Systems.  Once the system is operational, Securitas will perform regular services and maintenance of the equipment to include (as part of a Security Solution contract) all repair and replacement costs.

Security Systems include:

Our alarms and CCTV systems can also be monitored by our Securitas Operations Center and outputs can also be sent to our customers “smart” devices on request.

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