Security Consultancy

Securitas offers a complete package of Consulting from initial risk analysis and emergency planning to crisis management and assistance in emergency situations.

You may be surprised to learn that many companies will spend millions on Perimeters, CCTV systems consisting of 100s of cameras, Access Control Systems, and Alarms and then give the keys to their kingdom to un-vetted staff, operating under generic security procedures, with no security training.  This is crazy – it defies logic, but our experience proves this is often the case.  Stop the Insanity!  Acquire security based on your actual needs and operate prudently when it comes to security. 

Security Consulting

Securitas Security Consulting services give you the opportunity to design an effective and efficient Security Solution based on a risk analysis of what your company is vulnerable to.  Security Consultancy includes:

Security Risk Analysis and Vulnerability Assessments either initially when a premises is first commissioned, periodic updates, or in response to an occurrence or incident.

  • Security Policies and Emergency Procedures development.  Our policies and procedures incorporate the customers’ Head Office or Corporate requirements and all tailored to the specific premises and focused on the real-world threats and actual risks.
  • Investigations.  This can include in response to an incident, or due diligence on potential business partners, or background checks of key or sensitive staff.
  • Recommended Security Solutions.  Security based on your actual requirements.

Are you satisfied with your current security program?  Is it effective?  If the answer to either of those questions is "NO,"  give us the opportunity to make prudent recommendations for your consideration

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