Executive Protection

VIP Security.    Securitas mitigates risk to executives and VIPs through personal protection by specially trained security personnel.

Securitas Executive Protection is a reliable choice when persons are travelling in an unfamiliar or possibly dangerous area or could be facing a threatening situation. We tailor our Security Solutions to suit your unique situation.  Our experienced and discreet employees are there to protect your integrity and provide you with a safe and secure day-to-day experience.

Executive Protection and VIP Security includes: 

  • Personal / Close protection
  • Security Consulting
  • Secure Transportation
  • Travel Security
  • Conference Security
  • Technical Security
  • Security Training

Our Personal Protection Services also include route and site assessments, where practical liaison with local authorities or emergency responders, safe havens, extradition courses of action, preventive measures, escort and security officers if required. 

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