Do you have the Right Stuff?

Securitas is an international security company of choice for 1,000's of businesses around the world.  We are also an Employer of Choice” in the security industry.

Who works for us?

Many of our job applicants are former military personnel or experienced security officers from competing companies who strive for additional employee benefits or a career path in security. 

Regardless of your reason for applying, you can look forward to working for a company that offers exciting customer assignments and stimulating job duties.

Our employees are our Ambassadors

As a Securitas employee you represent an 80 year + international brand; you also represent the brand of our customers.  You are our public face!    Our companies values, which all of our staff must come to know and embrace are summarized in three words: 

We expect our security personnel from the security officer on the post through senior management to be reliable and responsible, while also being aware of security.  

Do you have the right stuff to represent our Company?  Let us know.

Currently by Thai law Securitas can only employ Thai citizens in Security Positions.

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