Securitas - Pinkerton Connection

In 1999, Securitas acquired the U.S. based Pinkerton Detective Agency.  Although Securitas as a Company in and of itself has a long history dating back to 1934, Securitas is only half the age of Pinkerton – a company that prides itself in being the first security company in the world.

Pinkerton – the World’s First Security Company

Pinkerton has offices throughout Asia. In Thailand, Securitas Thailand senior management represent Pinkerton in the conduct of investigations, intelligence, crisis management, security consultancy, and protective services.

The Pinkerton Code

Mr. Pinkerton created a security code for his Detective Agency 160 years ago that is still applicable today.  Pinkerton’s code was:

  • Never compromise with criminals
  • Accept no bribes
  • Turn down reward money
  • Keep clients apprised on an on-going basis
  • Partner with local law enforcement agencies

We would like to take pride in that Securitas, along with our subsidary company Pinkerton, still abides by these same principles today.

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