Our Responsibilities

Responsible business is good business.  Securitas strives to be a social-eco friendly business and assumes responsibility for a number of corporate social and environmental issues. In our work, we constantly seek to improve our handling of all aspects of our business that impacts on people and the environment we operate in.  Our service delivery provides us with the greatest power to make a positive contribution to society.  

Securitas has established detailed supporting policies to include an anti-corruption policy and an emissions policy for the vehicles purchased or leased by Securitas. All reported cases of non-compliance with Securitas' Values and Ethics, no matter what channel the report came through, are investigated and documented. Securitas also submits a sustainability report in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines.  You will find the latest Securitas Sustainability Report on the website for Securitas Group, click here

Securitas Values & Ethics

Securitas' Values and Ethics Code serves as a guiding document for our work and helps us to uphold and promote a high ethical business standard. Securitas aims to be a responsible, honest and transparent company and we encourage an ongoing dialog with our stakeholders – from customers to suppliers and political decision-makers.

Reporting system for employees

We rely on our employees to help us by speaking up whenever any situation threatens our core values and ethics and our reputation. When an employee reports non-compliance and concerns, he or she provide us with the information necessary to remedy the situation. 


The Securitas Integrity Line website is available 24/7. We encourage our employees to report their concerns to their supervisor, manager, local HR representative or local legal or divisional legal or risk function. We provide this additional channel of communication to allow our employees another way to voice their concerns.


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