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Continuity through COVID

COVID-19 presents both immediate and longer-term challenges to organizations attempting to make their workplaces accessible and safer to their employees and visitors. 

Organizations continue to adapt to the “next normal” of administering both safe and secure access to their properties.  These access challenges will continue to evolve as information on COVID-19, regulations and public expectations progress.  Securitas remains well in front delivering COVID-19 crisis-specific expertise to meet those needs.   

COVID-19 Access Control Screening Security Solutions

  • Securitas Thailand is delivering COVID-19 access control screening solutions that are based on our front line, crisis-specific best practices across dozens of diverse industries and thousands of clients. The access control screening solutions Securitas is providing span a broad range of services, from screening layout configurations through legal compliance considerations and beyond.
  • Securitas has developed and provides an extensive knowledge base of best practices for COVID-19 access control screening. These practices are based on Securitas’ COVID-19 specific experiences, across dozens of diverse industries and thousands of clients, including numerous Fortune 500 health care, manufacturing, consumer products and technology firms.

The access control screening solutions Securitas is providing currently include:

  • Consultation on screening layout configurations and Expertise and guidance on the implementation of screening questionnaires, distancing protocols, and temperature screening
  • Management of employee/guest entry and foot traffic, with an emphasis on social distancing enforcement, within critical areas such as entryways, lobbies, turnstiles and elevators
  • Guidance on the use of PPE, plexiglass partitions, sanitizing stations and signage
  • Officer training specific to required screening protocols and critical health and safety practices, and advanced applications specific to vertical markets

More broadly, Securitas continues to offer Mobile and Remote Guarding services which can limit on-site presence to instances where it is truly necessary, while still delivering highly effective security. Where On-site Guardingis necessary, Securitas is working to ensure that officers have the safest possible working conditions and that our organization is ensuring continuity through COVID-19. 


Dynamic best practices and protocols. Specialty-trained officers. Site-specific expertise. Securitas is deeply and uniquely positioned to address your COVID-19 access control screening needs now. If you think Securitas can assist you, we would welcome the opportunity to talk and explore measures that will make your workplace safer.  

COVID Safety

Securing Safety During COVID

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