Our Business is Securing Your Business

Securitas Thailand’s business is solely security.   As other security companies in Thailand continue to venture out into other markets such as cleaning, facility management, and so forth, Securitas will remain exclusively focused on what Securitas does best: Security.   We are prepared to meet your security needs, the business we know best, so you can carry on with the business you know best.

Flexible Security

Security needs to be competent and flexible.  We operate in an environment in which there are recurring episodes of heightened tensions caused by political and social unrest, the always looming potential for natural disasters, and levels of crime ranging from insider threats to organized crime.  Our customers rely on us to professionally protect them from these risks to their business (as well as their image and brand), their staff, and guests

Our Brand is built on Security Professionals

Over the last 80+ years, generations of security professionals have worked hard to build our Securitas brand.  Like any international brand – the importance of brand recognition is the customer’s brand expectations.  A BMW sold in Stuttgart should be as reliable as the BMW in Singapore and so on…  To achieve Securitas high brand standards and our customer expectations, our approach and delivery of security must be consistent with the highest levels of professional security services around the world.  


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